Mexican Casserole

I was really excited to find this recipe for a full flavored Mexican casserole that will not leave you feeling hungry despite it being low in calories and fat. The jalapeños really give this meal a nice kick so if you don’t like hot stuff just leave them out although I read where hot food …

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Thai Basil Chicken

This is a clean-tasting Thai-influenced dish that isn’t too spicy and has lots of texture, with the moist chicken and crunchy cashew nuts. The ingredients serve one so modify accordingly if you are eating for more than one. I have to say it is also one of the most colorful dishes I have made recently.

Zucchini Walnut Brownies

Tasty and delicious brownies that are much healthier than most brownie recipes I have seen. The added zucchini has virtually no fats or cholesterol and is has no calories. Zucchini is also high in fibre and rich in anti oxidants. You will not even notice a difference when you eat these brownies except to say …

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Delightful Easter Cupcakes.

These incredibly delightful cupcakes are made by Ruth Black. Other than the fact they are just so damn cute that is all I know about them. If any one has any ideas on how to make these please leave me a comment. Thank you!

Perfect Pumpkin Soup

This is the best pumpkin soup recipe I have ever found! I was able to whip it up really quickly on a recent cold morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is a bit of cutting involved so if you have a man around the house haul them into the kitchen and get them chopping! If …

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Coconut Cream Cake

Today I have added a simple recipe that uses a white cake mix and where the taste of coconut is not too overpowering. It is a sweet cake so cut back on your condensed milk if that bothers you. The longer it sits the more the moisture soaks into the cake. A lot of my …

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